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This is an array of Asian theme collector plates, some in a series and others by style.
Eternal Wishes of Good Fortune

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"Fortitude" is the 12th and final plate issued in this series. A Chokin Plate Collection created by celebrated Chokin artis Shuho and renowned calligrapher Senkin Kage limited to 10 firing days. Four Traditional Animal Symbols are figured in the center of this 6" piece of art issued by The Hamilton Collection. Complete with Cert. of Auth. and in MINTcondition, this plate was issued for $34.95 and has a retail value of $70.00. You can own this for only $24.95 +NOshipping charge (in the USA only)


Goldimari Hand Painted With Gold Accents

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These (2) plates are beautifully hand painted and detailed. They have been displayed with wire strung in predrilled holes on the back side. They measure about 7 1/4" and are in real good condition. Very minor scuff marks can be seen on the back and none have been found on the front. Truely works of art by "Goldimari" and a nice addition to any Asian art collection. For only $13.95 for one or $19.95 for both + NOS&H (in the USA only)


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This piece is more a dish than a plate. There is nothing on the back to identify this as a Goldimari work other than the distingished pattern similar to the one at the top of the page. This dish measures 8 1/4" in diameter. The previous holder was wire and has caused some scuffs and stains on the back. There is a small chip on one edge. There will be no charge for this dish with a purchase of any other plate over $10.00 not including S&H

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Beauties of the Red Mansion

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"Yuan-chun" is the second plate in this series by Master Artisan Zhao Huimin. Early in the novel "A Dream of Red Mansions", Pao-yu has dream in which he encounters the Fairy Goddess of Disenchantment. He is shown the first register of twelve beauties of Chinling and 12 spirit dancing girls. Issued on the Imperial Jingdezhen Porcelain in 1986 for $27.92. This plate is in near mint but does not have the original box or paper work. We are offering it to you for only $24.95 and NOshipping charges (inside the USA only)

Satsuma (made in Japan)

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 "Peacocks and Flowers" This plate is absolutly gorgous. Painted on the traditional Satsuma clay, with the crazed appearance, the colors and gold accent really stand out and bring this plate to life. This plate measures 10 1/2" in diameter and is in really excellent condition. If you like peacocks or enjoy an Asian look, this is something that you will enjoy for only $18.95 + NOS&H (in the USA only)